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About Affordable Pet Sitters Plus

I’m Mary Lou Perla, owner of Affordable Pet Sitters Plus, established April of 2002. My love for animals and my desire to create something of my own led me to start a pet sitting business. 

It is my belief that all animals are to be loved, cared for, and protected. Over the years, I have done just that. I sat on the board of directors for Last Hope Animal Preserve. They were a nonprofit organization whose purpose was to give sanctuary for abandoned big cats.  I visit the Capital Area Humane Society to give some TLC to cats awaiting their forever home. I bring my niece along on occasion. I think it is important to foster children in knowing how and why they should be animal advocates.

Potter Park is the jewel for animals in the Lansing area. In addition to lifelong visits I have been a volunteer, donor to their education building, and I was commissioned to photograph the baby snow leopards that were born there. I also authored a book for children about a unique cat that finally found a forever home entitled Pusstophers New Home.

Pet sitting is hard work, but a lot of fun. The animals are always happy to see me and I enjoy providing a service to clients who truly care about the well-being of their pets. Affordable Pet Sitters Plus is one of the greater Lansing area's oldest and most trusted professional pet sitting companies. 

 My goal is to provide clients with first-rate, professional service each and every time they have to leave their pets.

When you can’t be there, enjoy peace of mind for the care of your pet and home.
I started Affordable Pet Sitters Plus LLC with the idea of providing quality pet care in the home of their clients. Service is catered to the needs of you and your pets. Affordable Pet Sitters Plus offers Daily Walks, Vacation Visits, Mid-Day Mini Breaks, Overnight Visits and a Pet Taxi to and from your vet or groomer. They also provide shopper services for pet supplies. 

We are available 24/7 all year long including holidays.

As a loving pet owner I understand the concerns that you may have when planning your vacation, business trip, weekend, or even just a day away from home. Let Affordable Pet Sitters Plus provide your pets with the care they need while you are away-right in your own home!

With us, your pets:

  • Stay in a secure, familiar environment

  • Follow their routine and diet

  • Avoid exposure to illness from other animals

  • Receive loving, individual attention

Our Team

Fully experienced and ready to help you.

Mary Lou Perla




Our Team
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